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How exactly can Servus Publishing help me?

You mentioned using a ghost writer if I don’t have time or all of the skills needed to turn my great ideas into a book. Isn’t using a ghost writer wrong since I won’t be writing the book that lists my name on the cover as the author?

How long must my book be?

Will my book’s publisher be Servus Publishing or will a different company ultimately publish my book when you’re done with it?

What are the tax implications of publishing a book?

Isn’t self-publishing frowned upon by the traditional big publishers and bookstores?

Won’t the big publishers pay me an advance, not charge me to publish my book, and promote my book so it appears in bookstores everywhere?

It sounds as though I should stay completely away from traditional publishers. Right?

Is it true I retain all rights to my book?

How do you charge? What is the price of your services?

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