How exactly can Servus Publishing help me?

When it comes to your book, we’ll do as little or as much as you need.

For example, many members of Jim’s community have ideas for potentially great books. If you’re one who has a book “in you,” but you know nothing about the writing or publishing  process, we can get you started. We can develop a roadmap for you. We can help you brainstorm your book. We’ll find a writer for you (called a “ghost writer”) if you don’t have the skills or time to turn your ideas into manuscript. We’ll find an Editor to get the grammar bugs out. We’ll find a cover designer to create a high-interest cover. We’ll get your book published as both an ebook (such as on the Amazon Kindle) and in paperback format.

If, however, you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum as some are, and you have a book completed and edited but you don’t want to mess with getting it formatted in ebook and/or paperback formats, we can do that final step. We can get your book up for sale on Amazon and elsewhere immediately.