Isn’t self-publishing frowned upon by the traditional big publishers and bookstores?

Yes. Certainly. Without a doubt.

In addition, since self-publishing has so greatly harmed the coffers of the big publishing companies and bookstores who didn’t adjust their strategies quite quickly enough, those guys really frown upon the self-publishing industry!

To be fair, many of the big firms still exist and do great work. Many traditional bookstores, local and a few chains, are still around and sell lots of books.

For the author, however, wouldn’t you rather keep 70% of what Amazon sells your book for than 8 to 12% which is a common royalty book publishers pay their authors? Technology has changed everything. It used to be that self-publishing was derided by the big publishing houses who mocked the process, calling self-publishing “vanity press.” With today’s technology, it’s a whole new ball game. Readers can no longer distinguish between books self-published and those published by the big publishing houses except for the name of the publisher on the spine and copyright page. The dirty little insider secret that you already know is that readers don’t care who publishes your book if your book contains useful information or enjoyable stories.