Is it true I retain all rights to my book?

No matter what area of your book publishing that we at Servus Publishing help you with, you always retain all rights to your book(s). That means if we take just a few ideas you have and we ultimately find a ghost writer, and we then get those ideas turned into a final, bestselling book, our job and relationship to that book is completely over. You can do anything you want with that title. Sell it on your own, raise or lower the price, make a comic book out of it and give us nothing from those comic book sales! We never ever want anything from your sales; our job is simply to help you get a book published in any way you need help.

Remember, however, if a traditional publisher ever wants to publish a best-selling book you published yourself, they will take over all rights to your book. They will not, for example, let you keep the ebook rights while they handle the paperback rights. All is theirs for however long the book is in print with them.
Obviously, anything is negotiable, but it’s rare if not impossible to get a book published by the traditional publishing houses and you still retain rights to do anything else with that title until they give you back the rights. Again, to be fair, that publisher will do a lot for you if your book has proved to be a success. They’ll take a big chunk of your book’s income for that work, but that’s not unfair given what they’ll do. To protect themselves, however, they will want all rights to that title and only they will be able to do anything with that title until the publishing agreement you sign with them expires.

Once a book goes out of print with any traditional publisher, after a specified amount of time, all rights to that book always revert back to the author or to the author’s estate. Not even the big publishing firms have found a way to retain all rights to a book forever… but you can bet they’re working on it!